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Two handcart city will meet again opportunity of survival
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Mr Bao is in Chengdu motor vehicle is secondhand mark is mixed on the market old, but before some year the business is done is not very satisfactory. Just when he is produced,go meaning during, good news of two big profit is unexpected to him " come over " -- the Chengdu City exceeds mark motor vehicle to carry out to tail gas discharge capacity " ban make all right " be about to publish the motor vehicle after editing to discard as useless compulsively with national Department of Commerce standard. Mr Bao says, good news of two big profit will be immediate ecbolic and secondhand the new business chance of the market, accordingly, he can continue two handcart business to be done.

Interest of two old policy is very secondhand car city

The Chengdu City will rise from November 8, car of limitative tall pollution bans less than of 2 annulus road (do not contain 2 annulus means) . The limits that this punish car tail gas discharges, the key the lock decides two kinds big, among them posses the Chengdu City card card, namely " plain A " , " plain O " the car of license plate was included group of the biggest punish; Although posses is provincial,be opposite (city) municipality, outside city (city) card card, but one of objects that the nonlocal car that uses for a long time in Chengdu also is this punish. These cars advocate the outlet chooses nothing more than two: It is have car changing one's costume or dress, in order to make discharge capacity of its tail gas reachs 1 level of Europe, but on this need flower thousands of yuan; 2 it is flat will old car sells, buy new car again. Already all amounted to mark because of the car that buys newly, stronger to those consumptive actual strength car advocate for, choose the 2nd kind of way very likely. Accordingly, can predict two handcart market to go up trade car can increase greatly.

Assume the car that has 50% advocate take the 2nd kind of kind, so, also will be in short-term inside increase 75 thousand two handcart to enter the market to trade. And these car that did not amount to mark, although cannot enter the Chengdu City exercise of area of less than of 2 annulus road, but can be in the area beyond this area exercise, can sell its pass on even 2, 3 class market.

Good news of another big profit is, national Department of Commerce will edit the car discards as useless compulsively standard, among them the most serious content is, cancel to use a car to discard as useless to be not battalion carry to multiply the limitation of fixed number of year, corresponding ground strengthens safe to the car state and the examination that arrange contaminative condition. It is reported, car of past illicit home is the longest can leave 15 years only, when expiring, no matter car condition how, must discard as useless compulsively. Enforcing oldly discard as useless below standard executive condition, what two handcart buyer considers above all is the use fixed number of year of the car; And in discard as useless newly below the standard, the car that can consider two handcart above all besides. Those love car in the right way, the illicit home car that is good at maintaining can get the favour of two handcart city, two handcart clinch a deal the quantity can increase accordingly.
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