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The two handcart that individual character vogue changes lead two handcart the s
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"Can receive 4000 yuan or so everyday so, can receive 89 yuan only now. " Nanjing some is large and secondhand car market chief tells a reporter yesterday, two handcart market trades the price great war that serves cost makes business development is restricted predicament, every monthly wages sends the worker now not complete. Association of province car buying operation expresses about chief, the germ of vicious price war is in two handcart markets of Nanjing to cross excessive too much at the market, if again so progress continues, the market can be faced with out of control sooner or later.

Trade cost drops considerably incur market loss

Two handcart of Nanjing trade of the market " nightmare " begin from June 2, this day, by Nanjing so two handcart guild takes the lead of formulate, of the price that press a car 2% come collection is secondhand the car trades the guild regulations that serves cost is broken again, but with before a few dozens small small be troubled by different is, this fall very breathtaking, 1000 yuan go up at every turn previously trade cost turns into to want 50 yuan only, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, almost with do not receive fund about the same. For the person that buys two handcart to wanting, this nature is a good news, but to the market character, this is however " life and death lives or die " the beginning of argue. Competition turns white-hot bring about a few to establish acute of prior market income to decrease. Some market chief expresses, the income of the company basically relies on to trade service fee and place stay fare two, close every months now trade the service is expended and cost has place only respectively 449 yuan mix more than 10000 yuan, and expenditure of every months 20 much, loss is very severe. Brutal market competition allows a company not only " very get hurt " , and what also caused concerned branch is anxious. Association of province car buying operation expresses about chief, excessive competition will cause prediction of a person's luck in a given year of tax of national endowment state, the long-term health that goes against the market develops.

The market is the germ of malign competition too much

2004, nanjing still has two two handcart to trade only the market: Jiangsu saves two handcart to trade two handcart of the market and Nanjing city trade the market, trade the standard that what cost rate carries out is the 2 % that price division system decides. But from last year the country was carried out in October " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " later, the two handcart market of Nanjing resembles however risked like emerge come out, up to now whole town already had 12 markets, among them the urban district has 78, as a result of " method " the requirement cancels to be evaluated compulsively, and the collection that serves cost to trading does not have formulate standard, because this new-blown market will trade in succession,cost regards competition as edge tool, bring about trade cost rate drops a few degrees, a few new the two handcart market that create is a method with depreciating, contend for in old market doorway snatch a client, before perhaps attract agent in order to give sales commission for bait, go to trade, make the market that the standard runs has affliction talk. After although appear personally in guild,the requirement carries out 2% cost each to lead a standard, each real cost is led still under 2 % . And because be in this 2 % , still having an in part is " method " assess fee compulsively what the regulation should cancel, because this a few agent are right this is very malcontent, think two handcart guild and a few markets of Nanjing city disobeyed a country to set, strong demand market abolishs this unreasonable fee. Accordingly, each market is faced with all the time those who come from industry interior and agent is tremendous reduce trade the pressure that serves cost, till this year at the beginning of June, these pressure become reality eventually, two handcart of Nanjing trade the service expends suffer a disastrous decline. Personage of two handcart guild tells Nanjing city the reporter, according to common law of abroad, the car of an area retains measure every to increase 200 thousand, increasing market of a two handcart just is appropriate, the car inside Nanjing city retains now the quantity has many 60 only, the market has 78 however, exceed reasonable amount far, these are to bring about the main reason of malign competition between the market.
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