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Most the Che Pusang that keep a cost is secondhand the market is become classica
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3 years ago, buy an economy car to need to pay ten yuan, take this price and current car price to undertake comparative, can discover 40 thousand yuan to car price fell less, reduce 669 yuan more, depreciate extent brings about the model in this market to be in 3 years directly greatly too an expression on the rate that keep a cost not beautiful. More awkward is, the current market value of partial model is mixed unexpectedly those who used 3 years is other and secondhand car price photograph is about the same.

If pure look from the rate that keep a cost, "Old 3 appearance " (nimble is amounted to, Pu Sang and Fu Kang) have vitality more than the successor, among them with age the longest Pu Sang is most.

Although the general mulberry price 20 years ago is so high that the general mulberry price 20 years ago make a person fab, but nearby a few years for, pu Sang's price also is stabilized with each passing day in trend civilian moment. Meanwhile, the general mulberry performance in old car market is very excellent, not only very popular, and freeboard of the rate that keep a cost.

As a result of Pu Sang retain the volume is extremely high, make their two handcart price already did not suffer stop production to waited for an element to restrict, add the price to be stabilized relatively, maintain a lot of dominant position such as convenient economy, come a few this years, be in no matter new car market, still be in two handcart market, sale state of Sang Dana is pretty good, in old car market more make classical model.

The carburettor general mulberry 1998, travel course of development above of 200 thousand kilometer, still can sell 35 thousand yuan of above on two handcart market nowadays, if not be Shanghai,car of tall to these pollution should undertake limitative, this car can sell 40 thousand yuan of above even.

But, if be the contest Europe that bought 2000, litter of popular 100 thousand yuan of homes is when appearing on the market, its are new nowadays the price of the car is less than 60 thousand yuan even in agency office.

Must highly |praise Pu Sang keep a cost, it also gained the good reputation with the high rate that keep a cost for heart department car.

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