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New car depreciates activation is secondhand car city Fu Kanghe treasure will de
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The second half June inside the month, many 10 famouser new car depreciates, among them blessing beauty comes, triumphant more, Yilante of 10 thousand yuan of above depreciate on average caused not small concussion, fu Kang, Ailishe series is more 10 thousand yuan yield benefit considerably, fly degree, swift, Le Cheng, black horse amount to what also have thousands of yuan " become loose " , come out even before long Sailatu, elegant gentry also is can'ted restrain especially join depreciate a group of people of same interest.

Of new car depreciate to affect two handcart market quickly. It is with Fu Kang, Ailishe only exemple, stock of market of old car of these two cars is had rate achieve 7% the left and right sides, force these two handcart to depreciate. Original before the two handcart market that compares cold and cheerless for some time, the near future restored vitality, person discharge, clinch a deal the quantity begins to pick up.

● carburettor model falls continuously

The carburettor model of original Beijing is provincial town scare buying all the time " good model " , sang Dana, nimble is amounted to, Fu Kang, Xiali, Qienuoji is in all the time etc " demand exceeds supply " situation, but began city of a lot of provinces to begin to refuse 2006 " Beijing carburettor model " , cause a large number of two handcart stock.

Among them nimble amounts to carburettor model to depreciate the most apparent, the nimble 1998 amounts to CL to drop from 42 thousand yuan of the beginning of the year present 36 thousand yuan or so, especially this month is more apparent the ground depreciates. But the nimble 1999 amounts to price of model of CI report gush to be controlled in 45 thousand yuan. One year the price differs nearly 10 thousand yuan, basically be the distinction of carburettor and electric gush.

● Fukang and treasure will depreciate fast

New recently car depreciates the impact is the biggest should count Fukang and treasure to come. Fu Kang depreciates 10 thousand yuan message arrives with respect to report the following day on two handcart price, 1.6 hands move the Fu Kang 2001 the top distributes a model originally price 55 thousand yuan, now instead forty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, clinch a deal the price is in 4.8-4.9 10 thousand yuan between, depreciate extent is controlled 6000 yuan, ailishe series is secondhand the space that the car also drops to be controlled to 60 thousand yuan.

Suffer treasure to come the influence of GP, treasure comes 1.6 hands are moved comfortable model the price has fallen one hundred and twenty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, 1.8 series lowest configures the price to be less than 150 thousand yuan; After depreciating, the treasure 2003 comes 1.8 hands are moved luxurious model the price 120 thousand yuan, with new car price difference 50 thousand yuan are controlled.
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