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Choice of secondhand and cross-country car is rich teach you to pick little skil
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Begin from 2005, the prices of secondhand and cross-country car all the way low fan, the car of sell like hot cakes such as Daqienuoji has made the main trend of 300 thousand yuan of less than, price fall at least 50 thousand yuan, agency gain is smaller. The principle cutting price when buying two handcart is to be in commonly mark a price downward 10% the left and right sides. If agency can make benefit very much, so probable the quality hidden trouble that is car, or formalities existence problem. Have a share secondhand and cross-country car is passed " harden oneself " , car condition is put easily in hidden trouble, when buying differentiate should particularly careful. A minute of money a minute of goods, must not too covet is cheap.

■ automobile body check is examined " bones and muscles "

The examination of car and car are different, the nick to car the whole body, white spot cannot too care about, basically be to look " bones and muscles " . For example, car line of two side waist is flat, did not disconnect; Whether does the join part that hatchcover of door, engine, boot covers have bend be out of shape, clay of the erase that use a hand sees color whether have change; See engine cabin whether does two side screw have changing mark. These detail can reflect the fundamental condition of car, if although repair also can see very much again,be car of important matter friend.

■ examination batholith should try drive

The chassis system of cross-country car is very crucial. Bracket of the carapace end key examination oil, cistern and suspension combine a part, look to whether exist rupture, solder, joining together trace, if be a few small cut merely,won't too much influence is used. The car of foreland and southern and damp area wants special attention chassis is rusty.

Want to look to drive even not only to suspension; According to undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes piece wear away the use course of development that judges car; Place and change direction dynamicly must directional in the end listens to whether be put in abnormal knocking; Tire should treat the wear out condition of two side.

■ engine, gear-box, transfer case

The incorporeal part of cross-country car.

Engine emphasizes the phenomenon with examination ooze flat oil, check idle fast stability; Examine exhaust case when cold car and hot car respectively. The hand uses transmission case basically is the stroke that watchs shift gears and dynamic reaction, "Free from worries swings " the hand moves gear-box to had better not choose; Automatic gear-box is blocked in advancement, the test is not cheered to whether have power when retrogression is blocked; In rugged road surface examination transfer case is united in wedlock successful.

■ formalities problem is special attention

Choose the vehicle of normal local blue license plate as far as possible. The car of black license plate should check car to whether be handed in even mainly purchase cost of surtax, maintain a road to wait; Entrance car should notice custom imports a proof; The car after 2000 should notice the original bill of car, there must be order of industrial and commercial test and verify above; Because of environmental protection problem, car of provincial town license plate enters Beijing very hard to trade, when buying, must notice environmental protection proves.
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