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News of 2005 10 old cars chooses sina of lucky wind cup announce (group plan
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News of 2005 10 old cars chooses sina of lucky wind cup announce (group plan)

Spot picture

Sina car dispatch on January 5, 2006, initiate by channel of sina net car sponsor, branch of car of business affairs of Inc. of car of river the Huaihe River assist do " lucky wind cup " selection activity of news of 2005 10 old cars is announced ceremoniously. This second car news chooses an activity to divide be chosen to poll on public net and poll on reporter net choose two version. Shared more than 80000 netizens and more than 100 car reporters to participate in selection activity, caused the widespread attention of each square professional personage and broad car fan.

Compere announces the ceremony begins

That evening, the prize-giving ceremony of selection activity is held in Beijing, wife person assembles in car major reporter and more than 100 industries, summary looked into future in the past, the development that is Chinese auto industry makes suggestions. Current the profession that because respective place is engaged in,the news of 10 old cars of two version chooses a result is different, showed very big otherness, only 5 at the same time selected the news of 10 old cars of two version. The platoon is in public edition the first is " oil price rises continuously our country enters period of high oil price " , this also is discharged was in the 2nd of reporter edition selection result; And be in the 2nd " China will publish policy to encourage vehicle of progress is little capacity " discharge was in the head of a list of names posted up of reporter edition.

Ning Jing of Shao of sina car chief editor makes a speech

In be being chosen this await choose content to compare comprehensive generalizing what in going one year, produce, the market after be being mixed to market of Chinese automobile industry, car produces the event of major effect.

From the point of selection result, policy code is more and more apparent to the oriented action of automobile industry related the country, netizen and reporter gave sufficient attention to this. For instance, "National hair changes appoint standard of firm economy vehicle, car consumption tax adjusts shortly " and " current management measure carries out two handcart " selected the news of 10 old cars of two version. Selection result shows, the netizen cares the trends of the market that use a car with him life be closely bound up and policy to change more, and of the reporter voting slant overweight will develop the trade news that produces major effect to automobile industry.
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