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Dominant position of market of two handcart major is clear agency unwillings to
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Two handcart market grows respecting foreground, the hit the mark with a single comment of vice director of old beautiful jade that comes from system of market of national Department of Commerce to build department: Existing two handcart market has clear advantage: Management time long, force is large, business area car of big, stock is much, establishment perfect, formalities is convenient, time and value are fast and exact wait; But undeniable, because of a variety of reasons, they are existing temporarily cannot the inferior position of short-term change: Good and evil people mixed up, order is confused, service system is not perfect, credit is spent low without impel force, the hard injury such as on the low side of quality of whole of management main body.

And the brand is secondhand car (management main body is brand 4S inn) it is actor defect likewise apparent. Its advantage is: Force of well-known trademark impel is powerful, detect perfectly and after service system, with old change new car source to have safeguard, quality of whole of management main body is high; Inferior position is likewise clear: Management time short force is weak, field is dispersive information not free, business area is small, stock car is little, staff is not quite professional, management cost is advanced problem.

" two hand wagon flow open administrative way " (the following abbreviation " method " ) carry out 60 days formally.

" method " regulation, brand agency can be engaged in two handcart managing, cancel two handcart to trade the regulation such as the unified bill that operator of cost of change the name of owner in a register, two handcart opens tax authority supervise the manufacture of to buyer is conspicuous all the more. The personage inside course of study says, after this method is carried out, face giant market vacuum, can more agencies are divided feed this " cake " . The country is versed in commercial firm politics manages management of standard of total bureau market to manage Liu Moli section chief thinks, inside quite long period of time, old car trades the action of the market is changed hard, the cent in the process that brand 4S inn is learning eats this big cake.

"Cake " after all good eat, "Cake " have after all how old, our newspaper reporter undertook one time investigating to this.

Trade with lively old car market phase is compared, the business of two handcart displacement of brand agency open still appears cold and cheerless.

   Brand shop of the brand that fasten a gram --Be benefited very big

Mix frequently the inn that fasten a gram, manager of two handcart business Mr Yan Shibin expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, " method " carry out make they are benefited very big. He tells a reporter, their business is growing in apace, the portfolio of before 5 of 2005 many months is 1 many 50, present portfolio is 260, can achieve 00 3 to the end of the year. Speak of orgnaization of two handcart intermediary, the capital actual strength that Yan Shibin thinks returning is car dealer is apparent more abundant, fight risk ability stronger, there is more clear advantage in maintenance respect. Contraposition changes the two handcart that close when new car, manufacturer can undertake comprehensive overhaul maintains, decide reasonable price to enter two handcart market again. What these cars and old car market trade is common and secondhand the car is different, not only the quality that has brand company is approbated, and what can have proper time or kilometer number is free guarantee, the client is in displacement need not worry in two handcart process be decieved be duped. Picture sincere new the attestation business of two handcart holds to 7 kinds of big 1 06 detect strictly, former plant is sterling fittings, the character level that professional car rebuilds and former plant maintains 10 thousand kilometer of 6 months / character. Orgnaization place cannot compare two handcart intermediary these.
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