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Does Shanghai car exhibit Jing heart one act foreign trader why anger appeal to
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April 24 afternoon the name is " cup of Hua Chen gold is suspected of car of foreigner of con foreign trader exhibiting lift a card to protest in order to show " the post appears in the [in PCauto forumExamine stick formerly] . Incident passes as follows:

That day afternoon at 2 o'clock, the netizen that in Shanghai car the house that exhibit W1 visits took the one act event that produces before Hua Chen exhibits a stage, a foreigner is citing a sign, writing above " con foreign trader adjures cup of Hua Chen gold Chinese government redress the scales " , very fast spot appeared confused, the security personnel that because exhibit a house,does not pass and the staff member of China morning appear personally in time check, occasion is able to return to normal. Controlled partly at 7 o'clock that day afternoon, the picture that this netizen takes the spot is published on PCauto forum, after this card is given out, the reporter is opposite related network of Pacific Ocean car this second incident spread out to track.

Very fast, a when we got China morning car to be released in the network " state " . Although be right,whole episode became more detailed explanation, but not be statement of media of government-owned Founder type after all, the original intention print that accordingly we cherish a kind to provide more information for broad netizen as before sends this " statement " , full text is as follows:


Golden cup sea lion is popular Egypt foreigner " strange move " contend for dealership

On April 24, abroad agency was performed to contend for passenger car of golden cup sea lion to be in before Shanghai car exhibits Hua Chen to exhibit a stage the one act farce of Egypt dealership. Although the competitive way of this agency is very peculiar, but still end in order to fail finally.

That day afternoon, china morning car exhibits a stage to be surrounded watertightly by the audience, both hands of a foreigner holds high submit a written statement to a higher authority " cup of Hua Chen gold cheats customer " the card of model of written characters breaks into, make the central point of audience and media immediately. A doubt is rapid in the crowd get about: The China morning car that beat the international market entrance door such as Germany, Russia successfully early or late last year by right of character public praise, what what thing lets from a great distance of this foreign friend to do to run after all Shanghai send a punitive expedition against? Staff member of China morning car instantly with this " crasher " undertake communication.

Original, this foreigner comes from Egypt EL.HARAMEN.FOR.TRADING company, it is dealer of a car. Because malcontent Hua Chen cancels his to act as agent in Egypt the qualification of golden cup sea lion, requesting for many times did not not hesitate to force with this kind of ultra means below the circumstance of fruit Hua Chen give in, try new recapture dealership.
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