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Individual character adds originality car " decorate " the period is forthcoming
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One is called " Nardo3 " Laolunshi changes his costume or dress edition of set limit to runs quickly SL, appeared in the Nardo with Italian famous south recently on annular circuit. After changing one's costume or dress run quickly S class L will be luxurious close with motion 2 for one, the highest speed per hour that its measure in circuit already amounted to 325 kilometers.

Japanese Wald changes his costume or dress the factory also rolls out a style to run quickly disparately recently C class L changes his costume or dress car. The plating chromium of complete gush black processing enters gas grille, redesign before the athletic wheel of bumper, black, rear 4 plating chromic vent-pipe... after these elements let change one's costume or dress run quickly CL is more conspicuous.

Similar car changes his costume or dress case is in Europe, Japan, United States and other places already was commonplace. Under photograph comparing, the car of our country changes his costume or dress to still be in start level. Nevertheless, as home private the increase that has car, the car changes his costume or dress tide also is warming up ceaselessly. Wait for an area in Beijing ferry, Guangdong, Sichuan especially, the car changes his costume or dress have a fever friendly team is expanding quickly. Outfit empennage, put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored, change acoustics, change headlight these became a car to change mount " little game " , and such as " farad Xiali " , " protect Shi Jie to amount to " of and so on change one's costume or dress the car appears increasingly already in ave lane. This appears adumbrative, the car that do sth unconventional or unorthodox " decorate " the period is forthcoming.

Change one's costume or dress: Culture of originality of individual character culture

"The car that runs on the road is similar, do not have interest! Everybody has his individual character, my car is want and is other people same? " before appear in Tianjin street before long " farad Xiali " car advocate Liu Hao says. Expend many yuan 13, this car has a fever friend general he that value 40 thousand multivariate Xiali 7100A changes his appearance thoroughly. Face the doubt of many people, liu grand calm is right: "Of what money, happy ah happy breathed out... "

In fact, like Liu Hao such person is returned true many. Beijing brave extremely drive car changes his costume or dress the golden boss of inn tells a reporter, come two this years the client of inn is increasing, especially many young cars advocate, already will " decorate " love car is regarded vogue, trendy important reflect.
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