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Vehicle center by-talk: idle is just as a person to wear wrong clothes by? of S
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Have between model and colour without mutual influence and action? "Stylist never designs draft black and whitely. " Liu 喆 says, "Although influence consumer is sophisticated to the element of car colour be fond of changeful, but having a bit is changeless, that is model and colour inseparable. That is model and colour inseparable..

"Colorific concept is adherent exist at the model, both supplements each other. The model is to reflect colorific glamour, colour is to develop the model more faultlessly. " the citing that enrol glow says, "For example, we often speak of farad benefit red, this gorgeous, enthusiastic red is for the racing bike money of farad benefit model. If is in farad benefit red spray run quickly or the money of Ao Di A6 on, we can feel this car ' wear a fault outfit ' . We can feel this car ' wear a fault outfit ' ..

The tie-in relationship between model and colour is closer and closer. Lovely and the color that strange luck QQ glows because of its just about, nifty appearance attracted a large number of young customer; Walk along the Ao Di of officer's car course, on color all the time advocate shift very grave mix; And the urban woman that the red of fashionable car POLO and tender yellow, bright green gets young gens fully looks at in person. Regard the Biyadi of car of both sides of domestic own brand as F3R, also be aimed at a bit young consumption group be fond of, rolled out day hill Lan Hei of silver of white, Athens, heart, Ma is elegant green waiting for the rich color that amounts to 7 kinds of color is. Wang Jianjun of car news spokesman says Biyadi, this lies fallow with its (Relax) , romantic (Romantic) , passion (Reins) " 3R " fixed position is contacted cheek by jowl.

"Should say to be put in certain associated sex between model and colour, resemble dress same, colour itself included business affairs color, gray and black are very for instance formal, it is the choice with government and business affairs most car. " Lang Xuegong says, "Of course, vogue always also is not red yellow La Lu, colour and other and popular element are united in wedlock, also can deduct earnest and depressing black the elvish figure of fashionable popularity. The black money that many fashionable car rolls out this year is very popular. " (origin: Chinese car signs up for)

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