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How to spend on the weekend? Car of sledge of the nimble when riding to protect
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Ski already was in gradually now home is arisen, became in wintry day old little all a of appropriate outdoors motion. However, can see the figure of the children before school age very less however on snow field, but after believing children were having car of sledge of the nimble when protecting will thing another picture.


Often pay close attention to the friends of fashionable high-quality goods recently, to keeping Shi Jie product should not unfamiliar, the complete new mobile telephone that is full of vogue of metallic cold cold to feel then, believe capture obtains many cars to confuse the favour that confuses with 3C. The nimble when be being protected nevertheless is quite clever more, satisfying old friend while, also did not overlook the child's demand, brand-new the sledge car that roll out, it is child exclusive super high-quality goods!


What place of the nimble when protecting rolls out is brand-new sledge car, the exterior in order to protect Shi Jie consistent argent appear, in the modelling of streamline apply vermeil match colors at the place such as handle and ahead rudder, apparent contrast shows the design work force that keeps Shi Jie. Imitate of part of automobile body modelling is heavy-duty the line of engine, having the adornment of gasoline tank mouth, headlight and side gas dam, although do not have practical effect, but visual effect is dye-in-the-wood also, become warped at above of car tail section finally modelling ends, two side affix gules similar flowguide paster, present outstanding battle breath.

Price respect, the nimble when protecting special sledge car is this child 77 euro, add up to a RMB about 826 yuan, with mobile phone photograph relatively, it is cheap many, and the brand paster that hangs the nimble when that is protected, this kind price comparatives it seems that overflow.


The foundation is in order to protect Shi Jie in the position of racing bike, protect Shi Jie with what became famous in domain of design of industrial high-quality goods all along, also rolled out the mobile telephone that first nominal sells throughout history a few days ago. This model is the mobile telephone of P9521, it is the product that rolls out by collaboration of SAGEM of the person that keep Shi Jie and job of French action phone, and will take the lead in at European market put on sale!

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