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"Citric " Vs " cherry " : Two handcart are bought in the United States
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The United States is so-called " the car is regnal " , average two people one car, the beautiful words of concerned car is unusually rich. Some look to understand, was like Have Wheels(to have wheel) have a car namely, the car that says you became Submarine(submarine) be to show your car is wided by water. But it is not clear that some look from literal, be like, sell a car say to have a Texas Rat, this can follow mice (Rat) is irrespective, show course of development of a travel counts very tall car however, demonstrative car advocate often leave long-distance, take Texas(to get Kesasi city) with a vast territory, the car is about easily long-distance meaning.

Buy a car to want to know the Make(manufacturer) of this car above all, ) of Model(brand type, the) that Year(leaves factory one which year. The author becomes a student when, spent the Ford that the first car that 500 dollars buy was 1976, mustang, here Ford(Ford) it is Make, mustang(bronco) it is Model, 1976 nature are Year. Should understanding this car next is Standard(hand gear) still be Automatic(blocks) automatically. In addition, if be Base Model, show this car besides main thing, other unit -- air conditioning, radio is done not have etc. If Fully Loaded, means what additional device has this car. A few food and fruit also walk into car vocabulary, be like Donuts(a kind of common desert) the tire that points to a car, 100 auspicious of Bagel(coil, a kind of food that resembles sesame seed cake) point to maintain the car of extreme difference. Spaghetti(spaghetti) means, the outside decorate of this car is done gaudy. If you are bought,citric) of a Lemon(is bought when new car, mean, you buy an unqualified bad car. If you are bought two handcart are a Cherry(cherry) that took petty gain, because Cherry points to,maintain wonderful old car.

Be in the United States, people promotes business and long car travel to be put generally to the car have wariness. People says even, travel selling a car cannot open the door on Sunday, because this is the day of church, cannot lie. In the vocabulary that goes in the car of course, to the client also not without scoff at. For instance, if a shopper looks to be not bought only, so this person is a Jack(likelihood source at Jack Ass, meaning for goofy) , if you raise bit of opinion, you became the person) with ceaseless complaint of a Beefer(. If you are woman or foreigner, that should take care more, because You Have Dollar Sign Written All Over Your Face(is written on your face full dollar) , the someone looks to know loss is big came. (origin: Round-the-world times)

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