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Car vogue: You have halfback to blossom, I have fragrance restoring ancient ways
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 Dreamy science and technology: This cropland considers region

Criticize an aspect: No matter will look from appearance or interior trim design, considering region is very the car that grabs an eye. Class car is the same as in home in, you are afraid also cannot find the 2nd modelling to be full of the model that science and technology feels so again. Sit on driver's seat, you may have the illusion of instant: Cycle racing? Interstellar airship? Right, this is its most attractive place.

The current situation: Too the modelling of halfback, still scared many Chinese consumer, the price is exorbitant the person that also lets like it more very much is not happy show respect for. Agency uses a number yuan depreciate to did not let sales volume promote considerably, honest very regrettablly.

   Aviation travels: S-MAX

Criticize an aspect: This is what can bring magical sense is muti_function model, the face before smooth familial style, be full of aggressive light, interesting roundlet fog lamp, move the hub of feeling... such exterior is in home already very pull wind. Interior trim respect, black, silver-colored cool color collocation stands show metallic sense, the distinctive modelling of hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes is to let a person be born suddenly more drive the achievement feeling of the plane, such design, a lot of rounder man the aviation dream when.

The current situation: Very regretful is, s- is in at present domestic sales volume is similar not beautiful, although its advertisement over and over again is being communicated to people " wonderful life " concept, but the Chinese consumer of material benefit of those be particular about or meeting are compared in balance sex price later, to this very handsome car " SAY SORRY " .

   Deep-sea track: Shuanglong loves to vacate

Criticize an aspect: See double Long Aiteng on the road for the first time, was frightened really jump: Original SUV is OK such " modelling of bend so as to breakstubborn " ! Undeniable, the meeting with British true stylist play line, they get inspiration from eagle and shark body, the design went out mad the model of wild, tension, the adventurous appetite that stimulates people for a short while.
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