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"Fine time of 2008 cars 3C " passion is performed

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Palace of 20 days of Shenyang science can exhibit ~ on January 18 the center is ignited in the round

In the winter, besides ski, have chaffy dish, what can you still do?

"Wave the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day " " fine time of 2008 cars 3C " evil spirit car, vogue and recreational beauty experience citizen of city letting Shenyang in winter!

Make winter carnival

Came eventually 2008!

New Year new picture, festal economy makes each business activity of Shen Cheng all-time flourish, right now, our newspaper together this Guangzhou cropland, Guangzhou abundant cropland, east wind masses of this cropland, Germany, Beijing is contemporary etc brand and associate, Suo Ni, HP, bright base wait for an enterprise to will be held jointly this second " wave the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day " " 2008 cars 3C fine time " .

"Fine time of 2008 cars 3C " , will on January 18 ~20 day is in Shenyang science palace can exhibit central passion to perform. This activity aims to initiate a kind of brand-new car culture, popularize the businessman that manages in Shenyang and brand, make " person car vogue " new idea, strive makes consumable of car, fashionable number more common people of city of Shenyang of press close to.

Thematic activity rich and colorful

New car T stage, China business drives big lecture room, five-pointed star moves the multinomial theme activity such as wind of every show of baby of mobile phone of new experience of TV of library, planography, QQ, world will be ignited " fine time of 2008 cars 3C " .

To give more of this second activity infuse culture and recreational element, "Fine time of 2008 cars 3C " during the activity, shenyang city citizen can admire a car to be tasted newly at the same time exhibit and the thematic activity such as 3C fashion show.

The new model 2008 is not little, but the charm that can take the lead in appreciating new model is not facile. "Fine time of 2008 cars 3C " these new models will be shown in consumer of the Xiang Shencheng in same time, same environment. At the appointed time, we can roll out individual brand model to undertake special performance appears, demonstrate into drive a vehicle function at the same time and drive groom, the spot participates in a reader to be able to move through five-pointed star library and change an embryo to save atone for to get driving of the coach teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution.

Besides, in the digital science and technology that exhibits citizen of city of meeting site Shenyang to still will witness foremost edge. Here, broad citizen still can be appreciated at present the digital product of newest money on the market.

Detonate festal spending

The car is bought before the section for consumer of convenient Shenyang city, can get the price with a whole the most substantial town, "Fine time of 2008 cars 3C " special still established in a limited time the link that buy a car.

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