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"Car of 2008 Beijing international exhibits sina of guest Yue · contest of car

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Recently, by Jiang Huaibin Yue and combination of sina car channel sponsor " car of 2008 Beijing international exhibits sina of guest Yue · contest of car model choose " start formally in Beijing. The car product choose that is oneself is exclusive model, this still is belonged to on domestic auto industry first.

On this second model contest, yue of guest of river the Huaihe River will be inside countrywide limits choose can ask with feature of product of guest Yue car and temperament the car model of conform to. This the activity is to be car of 2008 Beijing international to exhibit the culture activity that made provide a person to enrage quite not only, can build to car culture of China more make drive strongly.

The means of sea choosing, final and total final reviews area of this second contest by finally decide a coronal, inferior, Ji Jun each one, get 37 thousand yuan respectively, 27 thousand yuan, 17 thousand yuan bonus. Besides, the contest still sets individual award 5, netizen most love model award winner of name and 3 outstanding award, the summation of the award of earning of player of bear the palm and bonus will be as high as 280 thousand yuan of RMBs.

(origin: New civilian evening paper)

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