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Accompany you to walk out of the perfect union of night car and slipper

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Just think thinks, climb in the middle of the night when you when getting up, all around inky, want to go last toilets however whats cannot see. Make water is urgent you are in darkness dodder along, touch painful toe, noisy also woke family. Do not let darkness become you to climb to go up in the middle of the night the nightmare of the toilet, here we present this car slipper for you.

Each have two LED headlight on this pair of gules car slipper, allegedly it can enlighten before you the floor of at least 30 feet, let you need not again the dodder along in darkness. This pair of slipper are such magical, although the foot that the automobile body of massiness can allow you still keeps warm in cold winter, two cars in all 8 tire let you won't be in wet slippery bathroom floor falls. How many money does so magical slipper want? The price: 29.95 dollars (make an appointment with amount to RMB 222 yuan) . (origin: City of the car on the net)

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